by student Sarah Ewalt

by student Sarah Ewalt

Twilight at the lake house
Around the bonfire with friends
Sipping, talking, laughing…
For now, all is well.
I hold this shining moment:
So glad I hung on,
Despite the pain,
The hopelessness,
The not knowing how to go on.
If I had ended it all
15 years ago
I would have missed
This sweet Spring night –
The sun saying goodnight to the trees,
Spending time with friends I never knew I’d meet,

happy to be here and alive.

Now I take care of myself

and the moments take care of me.

By Kerry Vincent © 2009


Shedding Skins

Shed the skins of years gone by
hang them out like wash to dry
Blow the memories to the sky
Whispered prayers for days gone by
Stepping stones of hope and try.

(c) 2009 Kerry Vincent

6-words (or more) love stories

Love’s bright candle flames, flickers, dies.

Brambles of bitterness snag my heart.

Sliding into homebase, into your arms.

Falling in love is like walking across slippery wet rocks – exciting, fun, dangerous.


kerry vincent – (c) 2009

6 word memoirs prompt

Results from six word memoirs prompt:

These were fun – hope you enjoy!

By Kerry – Kezza – Cordelia – © – 2009 –

  • Loathe acronyms but must pay bills!
  • Lonely child hurts, heals, helps others.
  • Many wrong turns finding my way.
  • She writes – creates – transforms – art heals!
  • Yes, healing is a lifelong process.
  • Fused in fire, annealed in hope.
  • Were Pen’s pupil, finding my voice.
  • Kerry Ellen, Glass Artist: Surprised Sheila!
  • “Good onya, Kez!” – Believe in yourself!
  • Soul Food Café – Global Sisters Salon

Forget Tim-Tams, Cordelia’s After Your Pie!

Thanks to Ann of My Just Desserts – – I had another successful jewelry sale at her lovely historic restaurant.  Visited with friends, sold some of my art, and had dessert – what could be better?

If you are ever in Alton, Illinois, treat yourself to a fabulous lunch and a to-die-for dessert, like the one below:


Burn Baby Burn!






Well, I did it. I bought myself a glass kiln. I plunked down $505 cash money and took my baby home. Can’t wait to fire her up this weekend and try her out. i think I will name her Annie, in honor of Ann Badesh, who allowed me to have my jewelry show at her delightful restaurant, My Just Desserts, so I could earn enough money to invest in myself and my art by buying this power tool for the glass artist.

She’s a beauty – bigger than the ones I used in class, with a hinged lid, and easy access. I think we’ll make beautiful jewelry together. Glass, of course. Maybe I will learn copper enameling too. Why the hell not? I am mostly harmless, and anyway, I’ve already got the fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector set up.

I want to capture the beauty I am learning to see, by allowing myself to think and feel like an artist, in glass creations. Pendants, earrings, objects d’art – natural wonders, butterflies and dragonflies and color collages, with a bit o’ frit, and maybe a touch of gold… My work is not precise or perfect, but it does have a playful quality. I enjoy experimenting, trying things out, putting unusual combinations together – and to my surprise they work better than I could have planned! There’s a sense of “second chance” to it – I think anyway – I may not be Dale Chihuly, but I do enjoy carrying on the glassmakers tradition of my Swedish ancestors.

I can’t wait to go play and burn something beautiful this weekend!

Cordelia’s Fantasy

All right, you want to hear my fantasy? Do you? Are you ready for this?

There I am, at a neat, orderly work table, with all my tools before me in clockwise order.
All my beads and crystals are sorted by color, shape and size.
The cap is not glued to my epoxy.
I know where everything is and I can easily reach it.
All my dichroic pendants are perfect, even, and have matching earring drops.
I have every kind of finding, clasps, earring hooks, bails, headpin, string, and wire, in all the right colors.
I have a nice cup of tea in reach, a healthy snack, and classical music is softly playing.

No stacks of books falling into my jewelry-making work area.
No dirty clothes on the floor.
No piles of shoes that didn’t make it back to the closet yet.
No heaps of necklaces I’ve worn and not put away again yet.
No computer behind me that needs updates run and a full backup way overdue.
No bills that need attention splayed out on the desk.
No dirty water glasses wait to be taken to the kitchen.
All my finished work is cleaned, price-tagged, and sorted, ready for the next sale.
Everything is Mis en Place.

See? I told you it was a fantasy.


In looking for a photo of a messy studio online, I came across this site: which had a contest for neat/messy studios. Here is a photo from there.  It isn’t my studio, but my work table would qualify on the messy side….


Show Time!

It was a dark and rainy day at My Just Desserts, the little restaurant where I had my jewelry show this weekend. But despite the gray skies and wet weather, lovely people came in to have a wonderful lunch, fabulous desserts, and stop by my jewelry table and browse. Many people bought a necklace or earrings or a set: over the 2-day show, I earned enough to buy my own little fusing kiln – which was my goal! I did better in this unusual venue than I have at any craft show (it probably helped that I did not have to compete with other jewelry people, and that the restaurant has such nice clientele.) Plus I got to enjoy lunch & pie there myself – always a treat! (Sat. was peach cobbler and Sun. was fresh strawberry pie – I was a happy girl!)

It was fun to people-watch, to see what browsers showed the most interest in. They seemed to like the natural items, that had animals on them, like the angel fish necklace, the seahorse necklace, and the dragonflies and butterflies designs. Some were drawn to the sparkly crystals, while another found a vintage look (pink sea glass beads) necklace that suited her style. Long necklaces, all the rage in the big city, didn’t do so well in my small town venue…but there was something for almost everyone. (I had to apologize to a nice young man who asked if I had any pins for boys, because the only pins I had left was one with pink and purple dichroic glass and another made of Belgium lace, not quite his style.)

I enjoyed telling those who were interested how the “glass sandwiches” were made, and where I took classes (a few blocks up the street from the restaurant at Alton Stained Glassworks). I hope it was as educational and fun for them as it was for me. I did think it ironic that I made more money selling jewelry in one day than in 20 years of freelance writing….I certainly worked harder on my creative writing, but Iguess  people are just big racoons, we like “shiny things” – like dichroic glass and Swarovski crystal!

I am invited back to do another table show May 2 and 3 (just in time for Mother’s Day gifts) – I have lots of new things I want to do and bring before then! Of course, it made it hard to fall asleep last night – dreaming of all the creations I want to make next!


Peach on Earth


“Peachful,” he said.

“Peachful? How can peace be peachful? What is ‘peachful’?” she asked.

“Peaches are warm and sweet and juicy. They are good for us and make us happy, remind us of being kids and happy summer days long ago… Peaches are a simple pleasure, an ordinary miracle, an everyday wonder. Peace is peachfulness – something that is nice and sweet and good for us. ‘Peach on earth!’” he declared.

“I love it when you talk all sticky,” she said. She laughed and kissed him on his receding hairline. “For dessert tonight, let’s save the world by having some peace cobbler.”

“You say the sweetest things…”

© 2009 Kerry Vincent

Yours from the Poop Deck


Bye, everyone! Have fun on your donkey walk, or whatever you call it! I wish I could go – but I have things to do here…

No, I promise I won’t get into your TimTams while you’re gone – I have found my own supply at a local store, so I can nibble away without bothering your stash!

I’d like to go on the tour, of course, but I think I will stay on deck awhile longer….getting ready for a jewelry table sale is taking more of my time than I expected! I’ve made up business cards, updated the web site, created table tent ads, priced jewelry, ordered gift boxes, and of course, keep on stringin’ those beads! I barely have time to fire glass in the kiln – but I will try to make some time this weekend…I have new dichroic glass to fuse!

I’m a long way from quitting my day job and trying to make a living off jewelry and glass, but I intend to see what I can do with it in the next few months…maybe, if I sell A BUNCH, I can buy my own kiln to use at home? Until then, I rent kiln time at my local stained glass shop and just keep on stringin’!

Yours from the poop deck,

Cordy –

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